About API

The Association for Promoting Inclusion (API) is a non-governmental organization established in October 1997 in Zagreb, Croatia. API’s activities are based on the philosophy of inclusion according to which people with intellectual disabilities have the right to be equal and active members of the society.

Mission: Supporting the deinstitutionalization of people with intellectual disabilities through the development of community-based services to assist people in realizing their right to live in the community and to achieve social inclusion.

Vision: A society in which people with intellectual disabilities have equal opportunities, their contributions are valued, and their human rights are respected.

In order to accomplish this vision, it is necessary to support people with intellectual disabilities to become part of society.

All people, regardless of their support needs, should have the same possibilities of active participation and access to the same resources available to all people living in the community.

API encourages and supports the deinstitutionalization process of people with intellectual disabilities in Croatia and the region and strives to develop community-based supports and services.


API is a member of INCLUSION EUROPE, INCLUSION INTERNATIONAL and the ECCL – European Coalition for Community Living