Community-Based Supported Housing

Community-Based Supported Housing is intended for all people with intellectual disabilities who need support in order to live in the community (deinstitutionalized people and people whose institutionalization needs to be prevented).

The program of community based supported housing has been implemented in rented apartments or in the apartments owned by the people supported. One to five people share an apartment in accordance with the choice of the person and the degree of needed support. The support is provided to every person in all important aspects of his/her life (housing, work, leisure time…) and API encourages people to use resources and services offered in the local community (health care, cultural, recreational, sports and religious activities).

API provides the service of the community based supported housing in accordance with the principles of Person Centered Approach and Active Support.

All people supported are being referred to the community based housing program on the basis of the decision of the competent Centre for Social Welfare and the responsible Ministry of Social Policy and Youth covers the costs through contracts with API.

Through the service of the community based supported housing API provides support in housing for more than 65 people with intellectual disabilities in Zagreb, 25 people in towns Pakrac and Lipik, 17 people in Sisak and more than 30 people in Šibenik.

The service of the community based supported housing for more than 200 people with intellectual disabilities in towns of  Bjelovar, Grubišno Polje, Osijek and Slavonski Brod is provided by the Subsidiaries.