The easy-to-read manual on Greenhouse Vegetables Production

This manual has been prepared within the Greenhouse Vegetables Production project, financed by the European Union under IPA IV. Component – Improving Labour Market Access of Disadvantaged Groups (contract number: IPA4.

The manual was developed in an easy-to-read form, by self-advocates from the Center for Inclusion and Social Services in Bjelovar and with great help from members of the Association for Self-Advocacy in Zagreb.

The manual can be downloaded at the following link:  IPA Plastenik Prirucnik (available in Croatian)


Greenhouse Vegetables Production Project summary:

For the last sixteen years API has been providing support to include people with intellectual disabilities in community life. People with intellectual disabilities in Croatia are entirely excluded from the labour market. The project aims to support the integration of people with intellectual disabilities into the labour market in Bjelovar-Bilogora County.

The overall objective will be fulfilled by providing a training program on greenhouse vegetables production, and by developing income generating work activities through the model of sustainable production of vegetables in Bjelovar and Grubišno Polje.

The expected results of the project is including 20-25 people with intellectual disabilities in greenhouse operating activities in Bjelovar and Grubišno Polje.



Association for Promoting Inclusion, Zagreb



Center for Inclusion and Social Services, Bjelovar

High School Bartol Kašić in Grubišno Polje