Invitation for the workshops in Bjelovar, Osijek and Sibenik

Within IPA project “Supported Vocational Services for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities,” three workshops will be held and the results of the project presented. The project is financed by the European Union and its goal is to increase the employability of people with intellectual disabilities in the open labour market in Bjelovar, Osijek and Sibenik.

Workshop in Bjelovar will be held on 03th of November in Masarykova 8, at 11: 00 pm.

Workshop in Osijek will be held on 10th of November in Saint Anne Street 8, at 12:00 pm

Workshop in Sibenik will be held on 16th of November in Stjepan Radic street 46, starting at 13:00.

For further information please contact number 01/37 51 698 or email:

All interested persons are invited to attend workshops!