Golden Plaque “Emblem of the City of Pakrac” – a thank you letter

Dear Members of the City Council of the City of Pakrac, Dear Mayor,

We are very proud and happy that the City of Pakrac recognized the importance of the Association for Promoting Inclusion activities in the promotion of the right of persons with disabilities to life in the community.
These three years of our activity in the City of Pakrac have shown that the application of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which guarantees the right to live independently in the community with access to all public services to persons with disabilities, is indeed possible. Although this public recognition has been given to us for the area of health and social care, we need to emphasize the indirect impact of our activity in the area of the City of Pakrac.
Namely, all the resources that the Association receives for the costs of providing social services are being spent in the City of Pakrac, because we buy in local stores, we use a variety of services, pay rent and utilities, our staff receives a salary which ensures the existence for themselves and their family members. Last year about 1.5 million kuna, obtained under special regulations for the implementation of programs of interest for the common good, and also from citizens of Pakrac, were invested in this area.
Public recognition of Pakrac, Golden Plaque “Emblem of the City of Pakrac”, is not only a recognition for the Association for Promoting Inclusion in Zagreb as a provider of social services, but also a tribute to all the citizens of Pakrac who live and work on the social inclusion of people with disabilities on daily basis. Therefore, this award does not only belong to our members – people who use the service of organized housing and people who support them in their daily lives, but also to members of our partner organizations Latica Association, the Centre for Social Welfare Pakrac who has recognised the need to develop social community services for all citizens in social need as part of the social welfare system, the town of Pakrac as a unit of local self-government and all other legal and physical entities that operate in the Pakrac area.
Unfortunately, due to earlier commitments within the European project and the visit from our donors, representatives of the headquarters of API are not going to be able to participate at a ceremonial session of the City Council. Your fellow citizen, Mr. Nikica Pavlović, will recieve the Public recognition on behalf of the Pakrac subsidiary.
I would like to wish us all a lot of success in future life and work, to continue promoting human rights and genuine human values to form the community of citizens enjoying equal rights.

President of the Association, Borka Teodorović, PhD