Final conference on IPA project

API presented the results of the IPA project „Supported Vocational Services for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities“ at a conference held on 23 November 2011 at the Hotel Panorama in Zagreb (Krešimir Ćosić Square 9).

The Project was financed through European Union Funds within the Human Resources Development Component IV of the IPA program, Grant scheme: Promotion of More Intensive Inclusion of People with Disability in the Labor Market. The overall objective of the action was to increase the employability of people with intellectual disabilities (PWID) in Osijek, Bjelovar and Šibenik in the open labor market and to provide access to meaningful vocational activities for those individuals unable to access open market employment. The project manager Slavenka Martinović and the project coordinator Anita Prša presented that 44 people with intellectual disabilities ware engaged in vocational activities through a cooperation with 21 employers in Bjelovar, Osijek and Šibenik.

Employers and potential employers of people with intellectual disabilities, representatives of non-governmental organizations, representatives of the City of Zagreb, Croatian Employment Bureau and Professional Rehabilitation Fund were present at the conference.