Dušan – supported housing (presentation)

You can download the presentation with which we wanted to mark Dušan’s 10 months of living in our program of organized housing at the following link: 3 Dusan 2015 – eng.

This is a person who has spent 30 years living in an institution, and who was placed in an institution when he was 9 years old. The documents stated that the person was blind, deaf, mute, autistic and had difficulties moving. Dušan is now living in the community with comprehensive support, and his experiences are expanding on a daily basis.

We sent this presentation to our Minister of Social Policy and Youth, Mrs. Milanka Opacic. In her thank – you letter, Ms. Opacic, among other things, states that:

“Life in the community is one of the fundamental rights of every person. After years of living in an institution, life in the community represents a new chapter of life and a new beginning with all the challenges that may arise along the way. But with adequate support, the right to life in the community can also be achieved by persons with complex needs.  Mr. Dušan’s experience is an example which I had the opportunity to personally experience while visiting the residential communities of the API. (…) The right to life in the community is one of the fundamental human rights, and our role as professionals and as citizens is to provide the opportunity to exercise the above rights to all members of our society. “